Halifax Amstelveen

In 1988 we discovered that a bomber had crashed in Amstelveen near Amsterdam.
After months of investigation and cutting a lot of red tape, the Recovery Team of the Royal Netherlands Air Force started the recovery in June 1990.


Members of the Royal Netherlands
Air Force Recovery Team at work.
Amongst the recovered items was this parachute that survived 50 years in the soil in mint condition.

When the Embassy's couldn't trace the next-of-kin, we tried and with the help of a friend in Australia we managed to locate two families. Through them this wonderful picture was given to us.








From left to right
Back row: Pratt, Date, Tustin, Moore
Front row: O'Meara, Blair, Armstrong



Crew of Halifax NA508 KN-A of 77 Squadron
Crashed at Amstelveen on 17-6-1944.

Funeral of the crew on 8th October 1991.
In the coffin the remains of four of the mixed British and Australian crew of the Halifax NA508 KN-A.
Relatives follow the coffin at the Bergen op Zoom Canadian War Cemetery.
Wreaths laid by the graves of the crewmembers of Halifax NA508  KN-A of 77 Squadron